tom petty meets REM….inquisitive, hone

27 Oct

tom petty meets REM….inquisitive, honest, raw…from my friend matthires . check it!

“Let us weigh the gain & the loss in wag

10 Aug

“Let us weigh the gain & the loss in wagering that God is. Let us estimate these two chances. If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation, that He is” pascal

When we preach the love of God there is

4 Aug

When we preach the love of God there is a danger of forgetting that the Bible reveals not first the love of God but the intense, blazing holiness of God, with His love at the center of that holiness.” – Oswald Chambers

music as diverse & nuanced & vast as lif

14 Jun

music as diverse & nuanced & vast as life. mass media , mainstream radio says by their aesthetic that life is excitement. it is more.

ecclesiastes & music: “there’s a time

14 Jun

ecclesiastes & music: “there’s a time for folk, a time for rock, a time for blues, a time for pop, for country, classical, hip-hop…”

re-watched this video the other day…st

6 Jun

re-watched this video the other day…still so good, sad, sobering. a philosophical exploration of phil 4:8

‘happiness doesn’t come by controlling

12 May

‘happiness doesn’t come by controlling your circumstances but by controlling your allegiances’ – timothy keller

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