“From happiness, through despair, to Jo

29 Jun

“From happiness, through despair, to Joy.” Larry Crabb on the cycle of, the rhythm of, hope. “there is no shortcut to Joy”

of all the things in life we strive and

1 Jun

of all the things in life we strive and strive to gain, nothing is greater than gaining Christ, and with Him, contentment.

i’m starting a rock band. http://ow.ly/

27 May

i’m starting a rock band. http://ow.ly/NvQ5J

26 May

@douglaswils wordsmithy was a lot of fun. helpful too. thanks for sharing your secrets! :)

‘the point of writing is that you have

26 May

‘the point of writing is that you have something to say. it is not so that your precious ego will have said something.’ @douglaswils

‘There are no uninteresting things, onl

25 May

‘There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people.’ GK Chesterton

good stuff y’all. well done @rosskingmu

15 May

good stuff y’all. well done @rosskingmusic ! https://itun.es/us/kvkf7


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